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The Mercedes-Benz Club withCanadian Content!

Serving members from Coast to Coast and around the world!

Established in London, Ontario in 1985, the Mercedes-Benz Club of Canada has grown steady over the past 20 + years, with members in every province, as well as some members overseas in the United States.

As a Club we encourage and facilitate high quality performance, operation, maintenance and restoration of Mercedes-Benz automobiles, striving to retain originality. Technical and mechanical information is shared among the membership.

In accordance with the desires of the members, driving, social, and other automobile-related events are undertaken.

All members receive our 80 page club magazine, The Star Board, which is published at least 4 times per year. Content includes new car information, restoration articles, articles from DaimlerChrysler Classic, Technical Tips, classified advertising, event news , Doktor Benz, factory news, buyers' guides, etc.

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